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Design, Installation, testing and commissioning of Indoor and outdoor lighting system considering all prevailing conditions and is usually guided by requirement of the consumers. We would take the responsibility of detailed desigining and planning to meet the requirement of various functional needs. Efficiency, economy, conservation, aesthetics, appropriate technology, safety and avoidance of possible fire hazard and some other factor are:

  • • Humidity, High/low ambient temperature
  • • Possible presence of inflammable or Explosive vapour, gas, liquid
  • • Degree of mechanical and electrical protection
  • • The need of uninterrrupted Power supply back up
  • • Flexibility of future modification and extension
  • • Relative cost of various altenative method methods


All the design and installation considering all Indian Standerd like IS 3646 ( Part 1,2 3),IS:2149, IS:3480, IS:1913, IS:2944, IS:3553, IS : 1944 (Parts I and II), CIE Publication No. 12 (E-33.1)-1965 ‘International Recommendations for the Lighting of Public Thoroughfares’ and BS CP1004 ,Parts 1 and 2).

Types of Illumination

We have many choices in energy-efficient lighting. The most popular light bulbs available are halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Although they can initially cost more than traditional incandescent bulbs, during their lifetime they save you money, because they use less energy. Controls such as timers and photocells save electricity by turning lights off when not in use. Dimmers save electricity when used to lower light levels. Be sure to select products that are compatible with the energy-efficient bulbs you want to use.

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